Common University Entrance Exam CUET Biology Paper

 Common University Entrance Exam CUET (UG) PDF


Biology paper pdf CUET UG

The Right Candidates Joining Best Institutions will give India her Demographic dividend. The improve equity and quality in education by administering research based valid, reliable, efficient, transparent, fair and international level assessment. The best Subject matter experts, psychometricians and it delivery and security professionals will insure the the current gaps in existing assessment systems are properly identified and bridged. NTA will create a system which will promote teaching by teachers learning by students and assessment by parents and institutions NTA strongly believes in quality efficiency, effectiveness, equity adn security of assessments. To practise these values, NTA Will Constantly engage with its stakeholders, viz Students parents teachers experts and partner institutions. 

Common University Entrance Exam Biology paper (UG) PDF – Content

  • Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
  • Reproduction in lower and higher Animals
  • Inheritance and variation
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Origin and Evolution of Life
  • Plant Water Relation
  • Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
  • Respiration and Circulation
  • Control and Co-ordination
  • Human Health and diseases
  • Enhancement of Food Production
  • Biotechnology
  • Organisms and Populations
  • Mock Tests and Practise Paper

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